Operating temperature range °C(°F) -40-250 °C
Voltage 220V/230V/110V/12V OR Customized is available
Power 1.5-2.5W/dm2
Shape Oval, rectangular, round, shape by client’s demand
Material PET
Max size mm W:500, L:900
Thickness mm 0.13-0.4mm
Working life 10Khr

Polyimide Film Heater Features:

Defogger is a low powered, self-adhesive heating pad for mirror. The slim pad simply adheres to the back of your mirror. Once fitted, the mirror will never steam up in and around the area of the pad. The mirror defogger is resistant to moisture, vibration, shock, dust and aging.A mirror defogger gently and safely heats the mirror just enough to prevent it from steaming up. Heat is reliably
and evenly distributed across the surface of a heating pad which is hidden behind your mirror.

heating elements for car rearview mirror

Easy installation:

– remove the glass surface from the mirrors

– paste heated mats at the back of the removed glass

– connect mats to 12V

High quality, energy saving and long life of 100000 hours.

No worry for damage,overheat or deformation for the mirror

Waterproof property ,safe to use while in rainy day

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