Customized Size Multiple Sizes Lithium-Ion Battery Heated Jacket With Heating Winter Sports Heated clothes
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Product Name Heated jackets
Material 100% Polyester
Function Winter Outdoor jackst
Heating e  lement Far infrared heating elements
Size L-XXXXL (Customized)
Switch 3 levels button
Temperature 40-65°C
Heating Time Depending on your battery capacity
Heating Area chest , back (customized)
Closure Type Zipper
Advantages Support 1pcs sample customized,Accept MOQ 500pcs for the custom design with different size or colors of any heated apparel

When the body is cold, it diverts blood away from the extremities and towards the core. This is why your fingers and toes can sometimes become numb in cold weather. This is also why you usually feel very tired after long spent in cold weather. as your body is constantly exerting much needed energy in order to keep you warm.A heated vest is designed to put a stop to all that.  As the name suggests, a heated vest is a vest with its own internal heating system built into it.


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